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We deliver good quality freshly prepared meals to your door, all easy to heat in the containers its packed in with minimum fuss or effort. All delivered with an instruction leaflet on how to heat and includes information on allergens and ingredients.
2 size meals are available, a standard size portion or a smaller size for a smaller appetite.
All main course meals include a hot or cold complimentary dessert.
We aim to deliver to you 3 times a week and you can order up to 3 days meals at any one time. All food is cooked with fresh ingredients and can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days or frozen if required.

Orders / Prices

Order by 11am Sunday for Monday delivery.
Order by 11am Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.
Order by 11am Thursday for Friday delivery.
We offer delivery 3 times a week so you can always have freshly cooked meals delivered to your door, it is advisable to order 3 days at a time so you always have a selection at home in your fridge to last till your next delivery, or we can also just deliver 1 meal if required.

Prices are as follow,

1 meal with complementary dessert £7.50
2 meal with complementary dessert £15.00
3 day meal pack with 3 desserts £20.00

Mini portions

Smaller portions for the smaller appetite
1 meal with complimentary dessert £6.00
2 meals with complimentary dessert £12.00
3 day meal pack with 3 dessert £16.00


Payment can be made over the phone by card (most debit and credit cards accepted), bank transfer or we can send you an email linked invoice on Paypal.

Free delivery in Yeovil.

Other local areas may be subject to a small delivery charge.
Delivery will be made during a scheduled time slot, we will deliver to your door and place your order on a small table at your door, we will ring or knock and stand back until you have collected it off the table. After you close your door, we will remove the table and leave.


In line with government legislation we will always use the 2 meter social distance rule, we use hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, clean uniform and gloves. We have a 5 star hygiene rating and public liability insurance.

Main Courses

Please make your selection from the menu, we will add new dishes whenever we can and welcome menu suggestions, all meals are freshly cooked to order, blast chilled ready to be delivered. All meals are suitable for home freezing if required.
We can cater to any dietary requirements that you may have.
Heating instructions are very basic with minimal fuss or effort,
Oven meals are supplied in foil dishes ready to pop into the oven and plastic containers for microwave meals and vegetables.

Puddings \ Desserts

Apple and winter berry crumble served with custard.
Lemon Cheesecake.
Chocolate Cheesecake.
Sponge cake or pudding of the day.

To Order

01935 706701

[email protected]

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